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byRemote Partner Services


We are dedicated to assisting our authorized partners introduce their Video as a Service offerings by providing tools and services to help them get out in their markets quickly and smoothly. From listening to our partners, we have identified the following areas.


Logo Branding 

The Video Management Center software can have your logo added. This will then show when a user logs in. Also, for your clients, if you wish, their logo may be added. So that their logo will show when a user logs in.


Protected Territory

While byRemote partners are free to use the Internet for opportunity generation, we do understand that a partner may wish to have a protection for their trade area. For the Reseller and Video Data Center and level partners, byRemote protects a trade area for an area of 200 miles from the nearest largest city. Should byRemote receive an inquiry from the trade area of a partner, we will then refer this inquiry for their acceptance or rejection. 


Live Video Demonstration

byRemote maintains a live video demonstration. This is a great way to qualify a prospect, as seeing is believing. We will give you the web site location for the Live Video demonstration.


30-Day Free Test Drive for New Partners

We offer a 30-Day Free Test Drive for all prospective partners. This is to ensure that the Video as a Service video storage products are a good fit for your business plan. This uses the Hosted Video as a Service product with a 7-Day video storage period. This is a continuous 120 hours of archived (stored) video.  Should you wish to not continue service after the 30-Day Free Test Drive period, there will be no fees billed. Guaranteed. This is a continuous 168 hours of archived (recorded) video.  


 On-Going Support

On-Going support for the byRemote Video Surveillace Center software is provided through the byRemote HelpDesk. This ensures that you will have the answers that you need.


byRemote Video Surveillance Center Software Updates

Should an update become available for the byRemote Video Surveillance Center software, you will automatically receive it.


byRemote Video Surveillance Center Software Upgrades

Upgrades are feature additions to the byRemote Video Surveillance Center software. Should a feature upgrade become available, you will automatically receive it.


Network Monitoring & Instant Notifications

We call this Is-It-Up. You can add value to your managed services by including network device monitoring for your clients. This service will issue a notification by email to designated contacts should a IP camera or video encoder, router, video storage PC or network cameras go off-line for a specified period of time. This service provides proactive network device monitoring to minimize the downtime of your client's network surveillance system in the event of an Internet or power outage.  


How to Videos - Coming Soon 

We are in the process of creating How to Videos for the byRemote Video Surveillance Center software. These will be posted on the byRemote web site. Should you wish to have these available for your own use, we will make them available for down load.



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