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    Dedicated video data center
    Real time video streaming
    User-friendly interface
    24/7/365 web access
    Live streaming video
    Archive video playback
    Updates included
    Upgrades included
    Unlimited HelpDesk
    Archive status monitoring
    Status notifications
    99.9% server uptime



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Managed Video Data Center

Operate your own video data center. Just as byRemote, Inc. does  

The Managed Video Data Center is a new video recording product that byRemote recently launched. It allows a byRemote Authorized Partner to operate their own data center. Where a partner can host and manage the video from their clients cameras on their own server.

This product is also ideal for larger multi-location businesses needing off-site video storage for the video from their cameras. This provides them with enough disk space and bandwidth as well as one login to access all of their locations from one interface.

We install a version of the Video Surveillance Center web-based IP video management and recording software with your database on a dedicated server in a remote certified secure data center. This will allow you to create your own customer accounts and add their cameras, just as we currently do. Or you can have byRemote provide this. The standard Video Surveillance Center software user interface can then be re-branded with your company logo, color scheme and contact and support information. 

The Managed Video Data Center is available as a low monthly subscription plan based on the Managed Surveillance Services provided by byRemote. You may up-grade or down-grade your plan whenever you wish and there are no contracts. From byRemote to you, the Managed Video Data Center subscription fees are on a month-by-month basis. It is your choice as to whether you wish to require a service contract from your customers.

Included in the Managed Video Data Center monthly subscription fee, based on the plan that you choose, are the following Managed Video Surveillance services:

  • On-going HelpDesk support by phone, email or on-line.

  • byRemote IsItUp Service with notification by email should the video storage server be off-line.

  • byRemote IsItUp Service with notification by email should any of the client's cameras be off-line.

  • byRemote Video Surveillance Center software monitoring and maintenance.

  • Video Surveillance Center software up-dates and up-grades.

  • Video storage server health monitoring.

Why choose the Managed Video Data Center (MVDC) Product?

  • You wish to have a IP video solution where your client's can access their live and recorded video anytime from any PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone that is connected to the Internet. They just need to login onto their customer account in your version of the Video Surveillance Center software with their secure username and password.

  • You wish to maintain your own video data center. Just as byRemote, Inc. does.

  • You wish to have your video data center re-branded with your company identity.

  • You wish to maintain your own video data center by adding and maintaining your client's customer accounts and cameras.

  • You wish to have a company that can provide the online, phone-in and e-mail technical support for your video data center,

  • You wish to have a company that has the background and history to provide the web-based IP video management and recording software as the database for your  video data center

Click on these links for more information on the Managed Video Data Center

Who is choosing Managed Video Data Center?

Little Caesars Pizza
This pizza chain franchisee owner with locations in North Dakota and Minnesota has chosen the Managed Video Data Center.  The franchisee expects to open 60 stores within 3 years and wanted a solution to record the video off-site to a secure centralized location.

byRemote has provided a solution to provide the off-site video hosting for 9-10 cameras per store.  Crucial cameras at each location are recorded in a higher resolution for more detailed playback.  The corporate office will now be able to check on any of his stores remotely with both live and recorded video from any computer connected to the Internet.  Store managers are given restricted access to only their store's cameras so they can monitor their own locations.

Our Managed Video Data Center video storage solution has provided Little Caesars Pizza with a flexible, scalable and managed solution which ultimately eases the responsibility of the business owner to maintain their own cameras and puts it in the hands of professional managed service providers.


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