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Hosted Video as a Service
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    No DVR/NVR on-site
    Real time video streaming
    User-friendly interface
    Unlimited user accounts
    24/7/365 web access
    Live streaming video
    Archive video playback
    Updates included
    Upgrades included
    Unlimited HelpDesk
    Archive status monitoring
    Status notifications
    99.9% server uptime



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Hosted Video as a Service

Managed Video Surveillance for Off-Site Hosted Video    

The Hosted Video as a Service product is ideal for small business or residential customers who do not have the time, resources or space available to have a recording device at their location. Your client's video is stored off-site on a byRemote server in a secure data center. To view their video, they just log onto the web interface of the byRemote Video Surveillance Center software. From any computer with a web connection.

The Hosted Video as a Service is a available in a low monthly subscription fee based on the video recording Plan that is chosen. 7-Days, 14-Days, 21-Days or 30-Days. Or we can custom fit a recording plan for any number of days. The recording plan can be up-graded or down-graded at any time. As your client chooses. From byRemote, this is a month-by-month service with no contracts required. It is each partners choice, as to whether they wish to require a contract from their customers.

Included in the Hosted Video as a Service monthly subscription plan are the following Managed Video Surveillance services.

  • On-going HelpDesk support by phone, email or on-line.

  • byRemote IsItUp Service with notification by email if any cameras are off-line.

  • Video Management System software up-dates.

  • Video Management System software up-grades.


Who should consider Hosted Video as a Service?

  • Clients who do not wish to maintain a DVR or NVR.

  • Clients who do not have the space for a DVR or NVR.

  • Clients who do not have the personnel to maintain a NVR or DVR.

  • Clients who do not wish to have a NVR or DVR at their location for added security.

  • Multi-unit operators who wish to view all of their locations from one login and record the video to a centralized location.


Why choose Hosted Video as a Service?

  • No on-site video recording. Your client does not need to purchase, or maintain a DVR or NVR.

  • No client-side software or PCI boards are required to to view their live and recorded video. Just an Internet connection and a username and password.

  • Your client can access their live and recorded video anytime from any PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone that is connected to the Internet. They just need to login onto their customer account in the Video Management System software with their secure username and password.

  • Your client's video is hosted off-site on a server that is located in a secure professionally maintained data center. 

  • The Hosted Video as a Service monthly service fee includes all Video Management System software upgrades and feature updates.

  • Online, phone-in and e-mail technical support is included in the Hosted Video as a Service monthly service fee.

Click on this link for more information and pricing on the Hosted Video as a Service

Partial Client List


Subway Sandwiches & Soups

Taco John's

The Pita Pit


Bubba Burgers

Kuhio Motors, Inc.

The UPS Store


Kelly Inn




Packer Playland

First Management, Inc.

Wheels, Inc.



Audio Garage

Blackthorne Real Estate Development Co.



 Sample of actual video


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