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About byRemote, Inc.


Since 1998, byRemote, Inc. has been the leading provider of off-site video hosting and IP camera management solutions with over 50 years of combined experience with IP networks. In 2002 we developed the byRemote Video Surveillance Center web-based IP camera management and recording software for the remote viewing and storage of the video from IP network cameras.  byRemote, Inc. was among the first to combine Software as a Service (SaaS) with IP video surveillance. byRemote, Inc., privately-held and headquartered in Fargo, ND, currently maintains a growing network of authorized partners. These partners provide the byRemote Software as a Service IP video surveillance solutions to the residential, retail, financial, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, medical, child care, government and educational markets. The Video Management System web-based IP camera management and recording software allows the byRemote, Inc. partners to provide their clients with exactly what they need to run their day-to-day operations whether they have one location or multiple locations throughout the world.


Industry Groundbreaker

byRemote, Inc. was first to market with its Hosted Video as a Service product. With the Hosted Video as a Service, clients are able to connect their IP cameras to the Internet and record the video from the IP cameras to servers located off-site in a secure professionally run data center facility. These data centers provide the necessary bandwidth and 24/7 support to ensure a 100% up-time for the byRemote servers. From any device connected to a browser with high-speed Internet, they are then able to retrieve the recorded footage 24/7 for immediate playback and download.  Today, the Hosted Video as a Service product is part of the byRemote Video as a Service (VaaS) family of IP video management and recording products. As new technology emerges, you can count on byRemote, Inc. to launch new applications and services in the video surveillance market that its partners can offer to their clients.


Managed Video Surveillance Services

The Video as a Service IP video management and recording products are offered in the Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) monthly service format that includes the Managed Video Surveillance Services. These Managed Video Surveillance Services ensure that all clients have the services of a proactive support team when they purchase a Video as a Service IP video management and recording product. 


Network of Partners

byRemote, Inc. continues to partner with Telecommunications Companies, Internet Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers, Network Integrators, Security Companies, IP Video Manufacturers and Installers to provide the most reliable Video as a Service products and Managed Video Surveillance Services.  The byRemote  Hosted Video as a Service supports the viewing and recording of the  the video stream from any IP camera, video encoder, DVT or NVR.


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